Feature Post - Help us to help YOU

Help Us to Help YOU

Feature Post – Help us to help YOU

Ensuring your books arrive in good order could save you money.

Remember that old adage “time is money”? Well, as in any service, we have to charge for time spent on a job, and if we have to spend an inordinate amount of time searching for paperwork (or chasing up missing paperwork) then our fee have to rise accordingly, and we don’t want that. We want to offer value for money service.

There are some minor steps you can take in respect of the above. For instance,

And, please ensure you supply ALL of the following:

Client checklist / Year End information required

  • Sales invoices.
  • Purchase invoices.
  • Assets purchased.
  • Vehicles, plant & equipment purchased.
  • HP, bank loans or any Leasing Agreement Schedules.
  • Bank statements.
  • Paying-in books/Cheque books.
  • Cash books & receipts.
  • Reserve bank statements.
  • Company credit card statements.

It really can help

So do ensure that your paperwork is supplied to us in a timely fashion (ie, not at the last minute), and there is nothing missing. Double check that the correct period is covered. If you own multiple companies, please ensure that all paperwork is separated, clearly labelled, and not mixed together. This will allow us to deal comprehensively with the job and get it completed that much sooner than otherwise might be.

Spreadsheets and importing into Sage

We are delighted to receive spreadsheets (CSV, Excel, OpenOffice and Mac Numbers formats) containing your sales and expenses – call and ask to speak to Kym if you require any info about this.

Here’s a Sage import template, if you would like to add your own information and mail it back to us that would be fantastic. Sage 50 imports – Audit Trail Transaction FULL template