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Business Tips 001 – Gone Phishing

Business Tips 001: “Sorry, it’s Strictly Business, Mr Taxman!” In a case concerning privacy and the intrusive nature of the revenue the Special Commissioners declared “the inspectors request was intrusive & the taxpayer should NOT be required to divulge details of personal expenditure if that could be avoided”. “Sorry, it’s Strictly Business, Mr Taxman!” If […]

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Example Post 2

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Help Us to Help YOU

Feature Post – Help us to help YOU

Ensuring your books arrive in good order could save you money. Remember that old adage “time is money”? Well, as in any service, we have to charge for time spent on a job, and if we have to spend an inordinate amount of time searching for paperwork (or chasing up missing paperwork) then our fee […]

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Example Post 5

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Example Post 4

Sed ipsum ante, cursus sit amet faucibus dictum, auctor in sapien. Nullam non nibh neque, ac congue felis. Vivamus pretium lacus sed elit luctus eget sagittis felis tempus. Phasellus cursus posuere tortor ac adipiscing. Cras sed massa est, pharetra posuere turpis. Integer eleifend, magna id bibendum convallis, dolor sapien auctor urna, sit amet commodo turpis […]

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Example Post 3

Curabitur mollis est at diam adipiscing interdum. Proin vel libero ac tellus aliquam cursus. Sed in mauris diam, sed mollis velit. Cras ultricies tempus lectus, et pulvinar nunc auctor vitae. Donec malesuada bibendum eleifend. Donec gravida, est nec eleifend ullamcorper, mauris felis lobortis est, vel tincidunt est ante a odio.

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Make YOUR problem OUR business Welcome to Arthur A Howard & Co Ltd. We are a family firm of accountants in Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire, providing a friendly, secure service to a range of business owners and individuals. We pride ourselves on the fact that advice and information that we give you isn’t just correct; it’s also […]

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